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Our second opinion at Emory in Atlanta


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Hi all, I have posted an introduction under Time for an Introduction, and this is a follow up regarding our second opinion trip to Emory/Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta.

Wow, what a difference in opinion between one doctor to another. The doc we saw at Emory does not usually see patients, he is a research, teaching, and writing doc. My Mom's case is an unusual presentation though, so I think we got his attention.

Mom's mediastinal and paratracheal nodes had shrunk. Great news. But, still a diagnosis of NSCLC confirmed by Mayo Clinic. Overnight we were set up for the pulmonary surgeon for a selective bronchoscopy of the lungs (Mon 2/2), a brain MRI and CT thin cut chest scan (Wed. 2/4), and surgery to remove the ovarian mass (Fri. 2/6). So, 3 full days at Emory next week, but should have some answers by week's end.

The best outcome will be a very early stage of lung cancer, even the occult stage as the doctor called it. Hopefully, the ovarian mass is not malignant, because then we will have cancer that has spread.

So, in just changing doctors we have gone from being told Stage 4, to being hopefully stage 1. I can't believe that can happen-second opinions are really important. My sister and I are optomistic, but carefully so, since we have been on such an emotional rollercoaster. I know they do not know until they get the tissue out to test.

We also thought Mom's brain had already been checked, during the PET scan (?), but this doctor said we needed an MRI.

We were excited that we had all her scans in our hot little hands the night before going to Emory-and held those things up to the light! Imagine-we couldn't read a thing on them! :-) Guess that's why there's a school for that.

Thanks again for all the warm welcomes over on the introduction page.


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Hi Donna, yes I thought that was a huge difference too. I couldn't believe it. So, if we hadn't gone to Emory we would have treatment for stage 4 when it might be stage 1? I don't know-I'm going to wait for the procedures next week and see what the biopsies show. A month and 1/2 or so of waiting now, I'm ready to know what we are going to be dealing with and what we are going to do for treatment.


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