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Vitamin D3


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I've done some reading on the importance of Vitamin D3 in fighting cancer.  Doesn't anyone have first hand experience with the benefits of Vitamin D3?  Doesn't anyone know the right daily amount you should take?


I appreciate your thoughts...


Also, are there other vitamins/supplements anyone has seen to be valuable?




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I don't know I've ever read about D3's usefulness in fighting cancer.  Not sure I've ever read anything scientific about supplements and their effect on cancer.  If you start chemo, however, ensure you disclose all supplements you are taking to your oncologist.  Some maybe counter productive to your treatment or enhance side effects.  My blood was taken and chemistry analyzed before each infusion and oncology consult.  I developed a problem with low Magnesium and my oncologist prescribed a 500mg daily dose that I still take.  That is my only supplement.


Stay the course.



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Hi Marc, I am not an expert and I am not the one with cancer but I have been taking vitamin D3. My heart Dr. discovered through blood work that I was critically low. It takes about 6mos. to a year to get it built up and I started like anyone...one day at a time with 5000mgs. The Dr. again told me the amount to take. So when it comes to supplements check out what needs to go with it. The D3 I buy comes from Life Extension. That is the company that the Dr. said for me to try. I take mine with K2, and the Omega 3's. The Dr. didn't tell me to do that but in reading about it I learned that it could be helpful in many ways. Just this morning on an ad on the radio I heard it needs to be taken with boron and zinc. So you can google around. I found Amazon reviews to be helpful and then I research what they say. It takes time. I do believe research has shown that the daily amounts recommended for individuals may not be enough. You may want to request blood work to see where your blood levels are on vitamin D. If you are not getting much sun as in my case...  working during the day inside then you may need to get more. I can say that my mood has lifted greatly with the supplements and that I no longer need drugs to keep me upbeat. If you look on the internet and really check things out you can find all kinds of things people are doing. Trying to decide what is right for you is the main thing. We are all different in our needs and what works for us. : )

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I also take vit D3 5000iu every day for deficiency in my blood work.  No research for help with lung cancer that I know of but I am going to resear.ch it today

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