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New member looking for what to expect during at home recovery


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I had a PET scan July 22 and needle biopsy the 25th. Results back the 26th. Non small cell lung cancer, it appears to be stage 1. I will be having surgery on August 4th. I was told I would be off work for 4 to 6 weeks. Is the recovery really that hard?  This is exactly the wrong time of year for me to be off work. I am looking for information on what to expect during at home recovery. I keep the books for my company. I think I should be able to do some work from home. I have done some research but not sure how much of it will apply to me. Any help with what to expect after surgery will be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome here Rickoehn!

If there is any celebration possible with a lung cancer diagnosis it is a stage I discovery.  I know there are stage I discoveries but I hear about so few that I can't begin to predict how long surgical recovery might be.  What type of surgery is to be performed? Is your doctor including post surgical chemo in the 4 to 6 week recovery projection?  Is post-surgical chemo even prescribed for stage I lung cancer (question to myself....)?

I was diagnosed stage IIIB and had pre-surgical radiation and chemo to shrink the tumor to allow the surgeon to completely remove my right lung.  Even given the seriousness of that surgery, I was discharged to home 5 days after surgery and advised to avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks.  I was on track to return to work until I caught an infection that landed me back in the hospital.  So my plan with a complete pneumonectomy was return to work in 3 weeks.  

Knowing what I know about lung cancer, I'd advise strict adherence to your doctor's suggestions.  It is a nasty disease and your stage of discovery yields the best possible treatment outcome.  But, it is still nasty!

Stay the course.



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Hello RicKoehn.  Welcome.  I am sorry you have been diagnosed with the Lung Cancer but am so happy that it was done early Stage I and that your doctor has quickly set a plan of care.   I like Tom was Stage 3B .  I had to have chemo and radiation before it shrunk enough to do surgery.  So I was still in recovery from that when I had surgery on top to also recover from.  I had  the surgery in the spring of 1998.  I had to have chemo after surgery too so with all that it took a while to recover.   I hope your recovery goes smoothly .  I also agree with Tom though that you should follow the Doctors instructions.  Be patient. 

Even what I went through was worth it.  Here I am over 18 years later talking to you !  What's 4-6 weeks compared to that ?   Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Donna G


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Hi RicKoehn.   I understand your concerns with keeping the books; I also have a time sensitive job.  But as someone who was very concerned about missing work, let me be the first to tell you that work should move down your list of priorities.  There is a lot to process and understand with a cancer diagnosis and it can be an overwhelming amount of information and emotions.  

I had a lobectomy in February and was in the hospital for 6 days and off work for 4 weeks, but if you are Stage 1, I'm guessing your procedure would be less invasive.  That said, I agree with Katie and Tom that your personal recovery will be based on your current health and smooth sailing (we hope!) after surgery.  

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Hi RicKoehn,

I am a new member as well. Diagnosed with Stage IB on 07/05/2016 and had a VATS procedure to remove my LLL. I was told initially I would be out for 2/4 weeks. I am 35 and pretty healthy otherwise. I work from home and thought I would be able to be back at work after 2 weeks. The recovery has been more taxing on me than I had imagined, I had never had a surgery previously, other than having my wisdom teeth removed when I was a teenager. I tend to feel fatigued with the least amount of physical activity. I am taking a couple of naps a day and I know that I would not be able to return to work at this time. My Drs office told me to take it week by week, as each patient is different. All I can recommend is to listen to your body, it will never lie to you. 

Wishing you the best of luck in your recovery!


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