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Opdivo,side effects


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I was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer 1/13/16. I had 10 sessions of radiation for cancer in my hips and 6 sessions of taxol/carbo. The hips are healing and the pain is minimal. CT scan showed the tumor on my lung and the tumor on my sternum had both shrunk. My oncologist was very happy with the progress.

I just had my 4th infusion of Opdivo. After the next session, I will have my 1st CT scan since starting the Opdivo. 

No side effects from the Opdivo, but after my last treatment of the platinum base, I have developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet and taking gabapentin.

I have two questions:
Anybody else on Opdivo and if you are, how is it going?
Is there any other relief/cure for peripheral neuopathy besides gabapentin? 

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Jg welcome here!

I also had taxol and carboplatin as first line treatment along with radiation and developed a peripheral neuropathy (some call it taxol toes) that still bothers me after 12 years of survival.  Is there relief?  Not that I've found.  Here is what I do to ease the discomfort.  I wear wool lined slippers to bed and this guards my toes from the bed covers.  I also wear wool lined shoes (wool under the toes and heal) and this reduces the discomfort when I walk.  I've tried gabapentin and Lyrica but neither worked for me.  I tolerate the pain during the day and take Xanax (1 mg) that makes me drowsy enough to fall asleep.  Occasionally, my wife cuts lidocaine patches that she applies to my toes and first joints of my feet and I put on a wool sock to hold the patches in place.

I've never received Opdivo so I can't help you there.

I hope you receive clean scans and NED after your forthcoming CT scan. 

Stay the course.


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