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Hello from Ohio


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After several weeks of test (CAT, MRI, XRAY, PET, etc) and multiple second opinions on the pathology, today we learned a final diagnose on my father's cancer. Sarcomatoid Carcinoma Stage IV on both lungs, thorax, lymph nodes, and knee. Guess it's a small-cell cancer. Amazing that just a few weeks ago we did not know what most of these terms mean. My father is turning 60 this year and now his entire outlook has changed. I just happen to wonder upon these forms while googling terms I found on this pathology report, lol. My mother is still alive too..... with her, my brother and sister, we will get through this together. Just going to fight until the fight is not worth it anymore, then help him live like never before.

Sad we need groups like this, but thank you for being here too.

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It is sad that we need online cancer forums.  Like you, I'd rather we spend time on something else.

I'm glad googling got you here.  You dad has a hard row to hoe as your investigation likely revealed.  He'll likely receive a combination chemotherapy (two chemo drugs administered at the same time) and he may indeed have a good response.  He may also have conventional radiation particularly if his knee becomes painful.  Depending on his tolerance for IVs (mine was low) he may want to request a port.  It is a simple, low risk, procedure done on an outpatient basis but it will eliminate the need to access veins for infusions, blood work and the like.

It is good you've gathered your family to support his battle.  As he gets into treatment, you'll have questions and this is a good place to ask.

Stay the course.


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