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Information on a clinical trial involving Nivolumab plus Ipilimumab


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Hello Everyone 

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a question or as my Son would say ridial me this. Last night I finally received the written results of my CT scan that I am so happy about and am still are when I came across the following: 0.2cm hypodense lesion segment 2, unchanged (3:26). When I googled this it read that I had a lesion on my liver. What exactly is a lesion and is this something to be considered about? I'm asking you guys rather than my Doctor given he couldn't be bothered to mention this to me at all. Good grief 

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How could I forget to tell you of liver findings after CT tests!  I had the same scare and was frightened when I started receiving and reading the radiology interpretations in the CT report. 

My oncologist calmed me down explaining there are a lot of reasons one has a hypodense legion in the liver. Rather than explain the reasons, he sent me a link to read about them. 

He made two points: I had about 40 CT scans worth of history and each one commented on a number of hypodense legions. The important thing was there was little change from report to report. 

If your oncologist was worried, you'd be discussing new metastasis. You are not. So relax. Note also the size and shape are unchanged since March 26th ("unchanged 3:26").

Stay the course.


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While his tumors have shrunk, he is extremely weak and can barely walk a few feet before he can't catch his breath. His oncologist said it was not the disease or treatment causing this. He sees his pulmonologist on Dec 30. Has his chemo and avastin this week. He just does not feel well. List a lot of weight nearly 60 lbs. and eats very little. He fell and was in the hospital overnight for observation as he is on blood thinners for a fib he has a pacemaker.  I don't understand why he is not feeling better as the chemo is working. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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On 9/7/2016 at 7:06 PM, Monica7 said:

Hello everyone. I am about to begin a clinical trail with the use of Nivolumab along with the introduction of Ipilimumab. I have Stage 4 adenocarcinoma which has spread to my bones and brain. Does anyone have any input on this trial?

Yes; early results for Opdivo are very encouraging: http://news.cancerconnect.com/updated-results-confirm-improved-survival-with-opdivo-in-lung-cancer/


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Dear Monica/and to all others,

It feels good to hear positive stories. Thank you for sharing.

My father was diagnosed with nsclc( stage 4 due to malignant pleural effusion) in March 2015. He was put on Tarceva and responded really well. But it has stopped working. Then, he was put on Tagrisso but his cancer didn't respond. Doctor is recommending chemo (pemetrexed + carboplatin). However, I read so many positive reviews about immunotherapy online. However, doctor said that immunotherapy causes severe side effects. This contradicts what I am reading. I am not sure if I should let my father go through with chemo or should I request for immunotherapy?

Care to share treatment options provided to you and the reason you chose a clinical trial.

Any advice from others would be greatly appreciated. Decision making becomes really confusing after hours of scouring the Internet and reading tons of information.

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