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Hi Everyone,
I had a follow up with my oncologist yesterday to review a CT scan I had done last week. He told me I was "disease free" (his words) and I asked him to repeat himself, because it was the first time a medical provider had used such simple terminology to give me an update since my original diagnosis of Stage IB Muscinous Adenocarcinoma in July 2016. I will have another CT scan in November and should have the results from my gene sequencing then as well. Everything has happened so fast for me, from my diagnosis to my surgery, to my recovery, that it all feels like a whirlwind and I am trying to get my footing in place too. These last few months have been difficult at times, and I am glad I had you all to help me through this process. 
Thank you all! My journey in this life is far from over and I look forward to reading all your updates.


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So you had a NED (no evidence of disease) consultation.  Strike up the band!

That is fantastic news.  You will likely have a series of follow-up scans perhaps once a quarter for a year or so to ensure things stay NED. 

But, for now, celebrate NED.

Stay the course.


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