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New stage 4 Adenocarcinoma


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44 yr old man here. Former smoker. Diagnosed on 8/4/2016. Some spread into bones. 

ONC put me on Tarceva and after only 10 days showed visible results of a reduction. 

I'm generally looking to meet other Tarceva users and find out more. 

Thanks all...

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Welcome Nick,

Great news about your response to Tarceva.  I had it as a combination therapy during my last Taxol and Carboplatin treatment cycle.  That was in 2004, way before doctors understood what Tarceva targeted.  I had Squamous cell and Tarceva was effective against certain forms of adenocarcinoma so it didn't work for me.  But, I knew a woman who took it for 10 years and it was so effective, she passed in advanced old age with heart disease. 

You are receiving what is now called targeted therapy treatment.  This is relatively new and effective way of controlling lung cancer.  Here is information you might find useful: https://www.lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/lung-cancer-101/treatment-options/targeted-therapy

Stay connected with us and let us know how your treatment is progressing.  OBTW - I experienced digestive problems (actually a revolt of my digestive system) from Tarceva as one troubling side effect.  Someone taking it told me to have a plain bowl of steamed riced in the morning and it calmed the revolt.

Stay the course.


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