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Superbowl Tobacco company commercial


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Did anyone see the commercial regarding the Glass popsicles? It was a company that was producing popsicles with glass shaving in them, while they were advertising their popsicles they kept warning everyone that they were unsafe and there was no safe way to eat their popsicles and then they said for more information visit our website.... Then a black screen with a paragraph stating --- how can the tobacco companies get away with this/

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It was an excellent ad.. It basically said what other companies can sell deadly unhealthy items to the public other than the tobacco companies and basically said so what they offer a website and etc...

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You REALLY need to be more savvy on your viewing...LOL

If you want the whole thing, go to their website! Maybe all your dreams will come true! (It appears you can view the "As Seen On TV" commercial right online...)



From the site:

Our loyal customers write to us all the time and tell us how addicted they are to our glass freeze pops. We think it's because of our delicious, fruit-based flavors and quality glass shards. But there's also the nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance found in every Shards O' Glass Freeze Pop. We now agree with the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that nicotine is addictive.

It can be very difficult to quit our Shards O' Glass freeze pops, but it should not deter lickers who want to quit from trying to do so.

Find out more at consideryoursource.com.

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