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3aSherie Update: 1 year later!


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Hi, all ... and particularly, Barb! I'm still here and doing great. Hope you are, too. So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to everyone but time definitely slips away before/during/after treatment. Not to mention the rest of LIFE that's happening at the same time!!!

So ... concurrent chemoradiation went incredibly well. Had Carboplatin and Alimta w/IMRT radiation. My last chemo infusion was December 2, 2015 and final radiation was November 6, 2015. Remarkably, I had almost no side effects from either. I did not lose my hair but experienced "thinning" ... though no one except me noticed it. Polite? I think so!  I saw a dermatologist who recommended a multivitamin and 5000 mcg of Biotin daily plus switching to Head & Shoulders shampoo!? I'm holding steady and have never had to wear the wig I went out and bought when my cancer team GUARANTEED that I'd be losing my hair 2 weeks after the first chemo infusion. So much for that. The other side effect I experienced was tingling/numbness in my feet (mainly toes) and fingers (peripheral neuropathy). It started 3 days after first chemo and I still have it ... mainly in my feet. The good news is that it's just numbness and no pain. I can definitely live with that!

Have had 2 CT/PET scans since treatment ended. The first showed definite improvement and the second showed even more. The best part of the second scan was the Radiologist's comment: "Excellent response to treatment." I haven't had any additional treatment and my next scans are scheduled for mid-November. Fingers crossed!!!

Hope this positive news helps anyone who has recently been diagnosed or who is going through treatment right now. Again, I was diagnosed with inoperable NSCLC Stage 3A and I'm still alive and kicking. I thought doctors were making up the "positive attitude" angle but trust me ... they weren't. Take each day as it comes ... the medical advancements in treating lung cancer are huge!!

- Sherie

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That is great news, Sherie! Thank you for sharing it with us! I love your positive outlook and attitude. And you're absolutely right--it is an exciting time in lung cancer research and treatment advancement!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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I'm so happy for you Sherie. Good to hear from you. Last Wednesday was my one year cancer surgery anniversary. Also got my CT scan. Haven't gotten the results. Hopefully today & hopefully still clear.
Wow! You didn't lose your hair? That's awesome. Please stay in touch. There is a Walk on Nov. 12th I think that's here in Arlington for lung cancer fund raiser. I'm going. Hope you can too!

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