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Hi all,

I am was dx in March 2016 with Non small Cell Lung Cancer, Stage IV.  I had a pleural effusion on my lung, bone mets on brain, spine and pelvis.  Started Tarceva in April and Cyberknife radiation to my brain and spine.  Most of the tumors have disappeared or shrunk by 70%.  Meanwhile, an abnormal lymph node has shown up in my last PET scan and continues to grow a fraction of a cm.  It was on the original PET scan but because lung cancer is more life threatening, my oncologist did not worry about it.  In 2005, I had Large B Cell Lymphoma, Stage IV.  After 6 rounds of CHOP and rituxan, I was in remission and stayed that way for over 10 years.

I belong to a group called Inspire and really love it.  Just recently, I found out about this group.

If there is anyone out there with my similar lung/lymphoma cancers, it would be great to hear from you.

Most days I feel great, lead a normal life and feel grateful for the advances in cancer treatments.



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Welcome here.  Lung cancer and lymphoma, that is a combination!  I didn't have the lymphoma but managed to survive the lung cancer.

You are doing much better than I seven months after diagnosis if you feel great and lead a normal life.    Already a 70% shrinkage of tumors is a great result; I'm looking forward to your reporting the Tarceva's eliminated your cancer after your next scan.

Stay the course.


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Hi, Anna,

Welcome to LCSC! I hope you will make some meaningful connections with other group members on a similar path. Please keep us updated on your progress and feel free to join in on the conversations on the message boards. I'll reach out to our members to see if we can connect you to someone with similar lung/lymphoma cancers.

Take care,


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