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Not sure if this is where you introduce yourself or not ? But I am new to this website and new to Cancer as well. I was Diagnosed with Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma of the Lungs. If anyone who has this type of cancer could share with me there experiences that would be a blessing to me.

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This is a fine place to introduce yourself.  

From what I read, the words poorly differentiated carcinoma result from a pathologist visual description of a biopsy.  Can you tell us more about your disease?  Did the report contain the type of lung cancer, for example, non-small cell or small cell.  If non-small cell was the subtype disclosed, for example, adenocarcinoma or Squamous.  Knowing these descriptors will allow us to give better feedback on our experience with lung cancer.

Glad you've joined our site and look forward to you sharing more information so can tell you details about our experience and treatment.

Stay the course.


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Lena , Hello.  Welcome. 

I wonder if the same thing happened to you as to me.  When they tried to biopsy my tumor it was in such an awkward spot that

they could not get a good piece of tissue.  They did tell me because it was a large "ball" of a tumor that it was non small cell lung cancer but-----

They started my treatment with chemo and radiation to shrink it then they were able to do surgery.  When I woke up from surgery I asked well----------

" What kind of non-small cell was it?"    and they replied " We don't know for the chemo and radiation killed it and all that is left if like scar tissue"

So I never will know if it was one of those types that Tom is asking you about.

So I will just ask  , Did they think it was small cell or non small cell?

Keep us posted.  We will try to answer any questions you have.


Donna G







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Hello still trying to learn this website. So hopefully this is the place I respond to your posts. I had a needle Biopsy done first and they said it was poorly differentiated carcinoma of unknown site. Then they went into my throat and did another Biopsy and said it was poorly differentiated carcinoma of the Lungs. That is all they have told me so far. I have an appointment with the Oncologist Friday the 28th and will hopefully find out more. I think the biggest struggle is not knowing and waiting. I have had to wait 2 weeks before I could see the oncologist. That has been awful.


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Hi, Lena,

You're responding in just the right place! Welcome to LCSC. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You've come to a great place to connect with other patients and survivors. Members can see whenever someone posts on a discussion board, which is how Tom and Donna and I found your post. So you can just keep posting here or feel free to explore other discussion boards and join those conversations.

I will share your post on the LCSC Facebook page to see if we can find someone with a similar diagnosis/experience to what you're going through. Then he/she can join this thread. We are here for you!

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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