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My husband is over a 4 year SCLC survivor, he was first diagnosed on September 9, 2012. He has a nice life. Now he is having heart and lungs(COPD)  issues from the Chemo and Radiation treatments. How can we keep in top of these health issues? 

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I'll give this a try.  I'd have him consult with a pulmonologist and have him take a lung function test.  This will determine if inhalers will ease his congestion symptoms.  He may find and inhaler will do the trick and give him enough mobility to avoid oxygen

He may in fact need to be on oxygen therapy.  In that case, there is a machine that can be rented called an oxygen generator and it is connected with a very long plastic tube like that used in hospitals.  This will allow him mobility around the home.  For trips outside, there are portable (thermos) sized O2 bottles he can use to acquire enough mobility for outings and trips to the store.

First step, is the pulmonologist and of course ensure the doctor had a complete understanding of your husband's treatment history.

Stay the course.


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