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Hello my name is Meme, is what my grandchildren call me. I was diagnosed in September late September with small cell lung cancer that has metastasized into the lymph node in my neck and into my liver and I don't know if I'm still in shock or how I feel. I am lost, I don't know what kind of questions to ask. I don't know how I'm supposed to be feeling, physically.  of course nobody knows how much time I really have. I guess my biggest upset and concerned and fear is how much time have I already lost. I had a bronchoscopy done in September of 2015 and the doctor told me that there were two nodes in my lung but nothing he was concerned about.  in February I was admitted to the hospital for bad bout with bronchitis and again nothing mentioned about cancer or nothing.This knot on my neck appeared and it's been growing and growing and the doctors didn't pay any attention to me when I kept telling them it was getting bigger and bigger and when it got about the size of a golf ball they finally sent me for testing. and after all the ultrasounds and CAT scans and biopsies bam,  I have small cell lung cancer so I'm on this site hoping just to have somebody to talk to, maybe share experiences with me so I might have some understanding of this journey I am embarking on. I start treatment tomorrow so again my name is Darlene but everybody calls Meme,and thank you for allowing me to be apart of this site and I hope that we can all help each other! thank you

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Good morning, Darlene.  I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but am glad you found this site.  There are so many different communities within this forum - small cell patients, non-small cell patients, survivors, caregivers, etc.  Odds are there are several people here who have experienced what you are now experiencing.  This site has been such a wealth of information and positive feedback for me.

What type of treatment will you have? How many treatments?  Has your doctor performed any testing on your cancer to see if you are eligible for targeted immunotherapy, or to determine if you are eligible for a clinical trial? If this hasn't been made clear to you, press your medical team for answers.  I think I can speak for must of us on this site when I say BE YOUR OWN PATIENT ADVOCATE!  While you may have the best oncologist in the world, you are but one of his patients. I have a great team - oncologist, primary care, surgeon.  One of the things I learned early on was to keep a notebook with me at all times and jot down my questions as I thought of them.  With each appointment, my oncologist answers my questions. He's come to expect that I will open up my notebook and take notes as he responds.

As to your comment regarding how much time you have left, I would say that none of us really know how much time we have.  But we can all agree that a late stage cancer diagnosis makes us feel like that time is limited.  You will likely encounter several people on this site who have far outlived their doctors' prognoses by years!  Since my diagnosis earlier this year, I have worked to find peace in my days, put aside the little things that just won't matter, and keep a positive outlook for the future.  Your attitude will be a significant part of your fight.  And if you are anything like my grandmother, you'll fight with everything you've got.  

Please know that I'll be thinking of you.  Keep us posted.

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Susan said it all.  We all have a different path during diagnosis but now you are in the treatment path and if choosing treatment I believe you are choosing life.

Do not put your life on hold just because you are receiving cancer treatment.  Enjoy your grandchildren, look forward to the joyous holiday season starting with this evening's festivities.  You've come to the right place for "shared experience".  On characteristic of our experience is many of us are still posting years after diagnosis.  That says if we can live, so can you.

Tell us about your treatment experience if you feel comfortable.  Let us know if you experience side-effects.  Again, we've been through the side-effect journey and may have some practical suggestions to help you cope.

Stay the course.


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