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Lurking for a while.. Thought I would post


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Hi everyone.. Fed up and disheartened reading all the 'stats' of this awful disease, I came across this site when looking for inspirational survivor stories following my mum's initial diagnosis of lung cancer. 

A bit about my mum; she is a healthy, active & young 63 year old. Retired last year and enjoying her days with my 1 year old son; mum's first grandchild. Then our world was rocked when my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer, following a visit to the doctors for a subtle cough (like a clearing of the throat) that had lasted a couple of weeks.

Where we are now; After a number of tests, scans, biopsies; mum has Stage 3a Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer. There is a tumour in her right upper lobe, one lymph node involvement close to the tumour, but unfortunately involvement of a mediastinal lymph node (but still on the same side as the tumour) Because of the involvement of the gland in the middle of the chest, the surgeon said mum is not a suitable candidate for surgery. Frustrating as she scored 120% in her lung function test and health wise is deemed a perfect candidate for surgery. The surgeon said therefore my mum would would have radio and chemo combined with a curative intent. I asked if mum responds well to the treatment and the mediastinal gland then becomes clear would she be able to have surgery. The surgeon said if there is no evidence of disease in the middle gland after treatment then she would be reffered back to him for surgery. However, when we met with the oncologist she didn't agree, stating that surgery would be unlikely as the treatment would either work (curing all the cancer) or not work. I wasn't particularly impressed with her attitude. The surgeon was very much "we'll fight this together' and that is the attitude my mum needs to hear. Anyway, in a couple of weeks mum will begin Chemotherapy (Vinorelbine/Navelbine and Cisplatin/Platinum) alongside radiotherapy, administered everyday Monday-Friday. In the information booklet we received it states that this will be an 'aggressive' form of treatment with curative intent. I know my mum will feel the side effects but I'm happy with this 'full on' approach. 

Why I'm writing this; from day one of being told there was something suspicious, I adopted an undefeated and strong approach, I KNEW my mum was going to beat this. My best friend of 26 years wasn't/isn't going anywhere. Even after set backs (one consultant didn't tell us about the mediastinal gland and led us to believe surgery would be the option) I still continue to believe this. My mum is a fighter, her attitude amazes me, she goes along with what the doctors tell her, and we carry on as normal; with the help of my son being the biggest distraction. However, I know my mum is scared. Scared this line of treatment isn't going to work. We live in the UK and the hospital we are at doesn't provide some of the more advanced treatments that I have been reading about (immunotherapy, cyberknife, proton beam therapy etc) I will do anything and everything I can to get my mum better from this. I'm hopeful (got to have hope, right?) that this treatment plan that my mum will be starting will work; whether that be get rid of it all together, or allow for surgery. I guess I'm looking for people in a similar situation or who have been in a similar situation because even though I'm feeling strong for mum, I feel like I need positive reinforcement if that makes sense?

From the posts I've read, I admire you all. Your strength and determination is doing so much for people who have lurked for a while like I have; thank you.

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I am new to this forum, but I wanted to tell you that I think your and your mother's attitudes are the right one. Unfortunately this is a tough disease, but your mom's good health prior to her diagnosis is so crucial. My dad suffers from stage IV nsc, and his health was in bad shape before hand. Even still, he is around a whole year after his diagnosis, one that gave him about 8 months to live. People make it through this. They do. Take care of yourself. Make sure you're doing all you can to be mentally okay so that you can be there for her. Good luck on this journey.


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Welcome here.  I was diagnosed with state IIIA non small cell Squamous cell lung cancer.  I had pre-surgical radiation and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, then my right lung was surgically removed.  My diagnosis was February 4, 2004.  I'm still here.

There are many of us still here.  Strangely, the fact that your mom has adenocarcinoma is encouraging because of all the advances in targeted treatment for that form of our disease.  But, the most important positive reinforcement I can give is, if I can live, so can your mom.

Stay the course.



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Lily - Thank you for your kind words. I'm sorry to hear of your father's diagnosis but great to read that you're still enjoying each other's company, long may this continue. 

Tom - I've read quite a few of your posts and in a way clung on to what you have said and your experiences. I'm aware that each individual is unique but you really do bring hope to a lot of people.

I hope I get to speak to you both again soon.

Best wishes.

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Hi, AMay,

I'm glad that you posted and happy that you've already been able to connect with Lily and Tom. LCSC members are full of stories and advice from their own personal experience. It can be nice to connect with people who understand what you're going through. Please continue to explore the discussion forums and blogs and share updates as often as you feel comfortable. This is a great place to ask questions too, so I encourage you to fire away!

Let us know how we can help!

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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