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Hi all, my name is Steve (65 yr male) and I was diagnosed with nsclc (metastasized to brain, lymph node, pancreas and adrenals)  in January, 2014. Between then and now, I have had 10 chemo treatments during 2014. Cyberknife treatments on brain leasons radiation on my chest and finial, treatments with opdivo. Opdivo was effective for a time, but alas, it stopped working. I reasently, started a clinical trial phase 1 of two immunotherapies- GDP-0919 and Atezolizumab. I would love to hear from anybody familiar/experienced with this trial or the meds. That's the short story, but there have been many more "fun" things I have gone thru


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Hello Steve .   I was born and raised in Boston.  I can't believe that the weather here in Minnesota is warmer than there today !

My brother lives in Foxboro now and my sister in Franklin.

So it is almost 3 years since you were diagnosed. I am glad to hear that they have given you another alternative for treatment.

I was treated for Stage 3B starting in December 1997. It was quite a journey !

 I am sorry that I can not help you with having had any experience with those drugs but

I do want to say I am glad you found us.  Someone here should be able to share with you.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


Donna G

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We share a CyberKnife experience but i have no experience with Opdivo nor immunotherapy.  I've read great things about advances in immunotherapy and thought you might be interested in a synopsis of information here.

Stay connected with us.  Many newly diagnoses would benefit from revealing your experience with targeted treatment.  So, let us in on your treatment experience if you feel inclined.

Stay the course.


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Hello Tom, thank you for the welcome and I am glad I found your folks. For me it has been a long strange trip. I did stop chemo in late 2014 because I felt it was slowly killing me and ruining my quality of life. I ended up spending a lot of time in a hospital bed in 2015 which I do attribute to the chemo screwing up my immun system. Feeling like crap 2 out of 3 weeks in cycle. Fortunately, I have a wonderful palliative care team that help me understand my options. In Feb of this year, my docs came up with opdivo as a possible treatment. Fortunately, it didn't have the nasty side effects of chemo (just fatigue and some joint pain). In addition for a period,  I did experience some shrinkage of my tumors. After 6 months it stopped working and my docs took me off. They did find a clinical trail combining to immunos which I've been on for 3 weeks. Time will tell.


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