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A family member was diagnosed with lung cancer


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Hi everyone,

My cousin was recently diagnosed with Nsclc+Adeno+ALK lung cancer stage 3a.

Was anyone here diagnosed with the same or a similar diagnosis, and willing the share his or her story with me?

Any information would be appreciated.

I wish you well,



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Hi shlomit and welcome. 

My mother, age 64, was recently diagnosed with stage 3a adeno-squamous nslc about three months ago. She has never smoked, but was exposed to second hand smoke on occasion. She had breast cancer in situ a few years back, but her oncologist and surgeon don't believe that is the cause or related to her lung cancer.

For now, two lymph nodes are involved. Her lung tumor is in the top upper left corner of her lung next to her heart. Surgery was not an option initially. 

She began a platinum doublet regimen of chemotherapy a little over a month ago. She started with cisplatin/pemetrexed and is now on caroblatin. The chemo treatment has reduced her Tumor by a third in size. It was originally 3.5 x 3.5 x 3cm. The doctors are continuing chemo for her for another month in hopes to shrink the tumor further. I have my fingers crossed. Surgery will now be scheduled in the near future thankfully. Side effects of fatigue and nausea occurred for her. She also has an EFGR mutation from the profiling of her tumor.

They are holding off on the decision for radiation at this time. Very nerve racking indeed. We live in the north east. 

From her doctors and from what I have read here in the forum, stage 3a lung cancer is potentially curable depending on a number of factors. My hope is that immunotherapy and precision medicine are perfected in the next few years in case of a recurrence. How old is your cousin? Do you have Any particular questions? I'd be happy to try and answer them from my perspective.

God bless.




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