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Hi I am new to the site! Lobectomy done still have questions! Hoping for some help.

Liz Douglas

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My name is Liz. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma last December. I had a lobectomy in March. I had VATS and they removed my right upper lobe and the took lymph nodes out through my throat to check for staging. I was found to be a stage one and no other treatment was done. I have small growths in my neck area where they removed the lymph nodes. Right in that area inside my throat it is very sore. Also, I still have trouble breathing. They are trying inhalers and allergy meds to help with my constant inflamed bronchial tubes. Has anyone had any of these issues? 

Thank you,

Glad I found this site

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Welcome here.  

Your report of "small growths" is of concern.  If you feel pressure or inflammation in your neck or chest area this long after surgery, you should report it to a doctor, pronto!

It has been almost 13 years since my lung was removed and I had two additional surgeries to repair a leak in my chest cavity.  In the area where they did the repair - where my right main stem bronchus is or was - is still very sensitive to pollutants or pollen and I experience asthmatic symptoms during the spring and fall pollen season.  I didn't have asthma before my surgery but I use inhalers daily also.  Sometimes they help and sometimes I need to retreat indoors.

We are glad you found this site also.

Stay the course.


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