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Hello Jacqueline.  So you were diagnosed about 6 months ago.  Glad you found us.

I was 50 when they found my tumor.  I had lots of treatment and fortunately I am still here to talk about it.

Did you have some treatment ?  Any radiation or chemo ?  How are you doing, coping.  Hope you have

some family and friends that are helping you out.

Please up date us and keep us posted on how you are doing.  Feel free to ask questions.

Take care,  Donna G

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Welcome Jacqueline!

I wish you didn't need to join us but it is a good idea you did.  The value of this forum is that we are in the same boat as you, we are all floating together.  So, we completely understand what it means and how it feels to suffer a lung cancer diagnosis.

Most importantly, as an initial comment, you may want to reflect on the fact that if we can live, so can you.  As Donna asked, you might wish to share some more information about your stage IV NSCLC.  For example, is it Squamous cell or adenocarcinoma or large cell.  And, if it is adenocarcinoma, perhaps you might know if you tumor was genetically screened to reveal suitability for targeted therapy.  Here is information about targeted therapy.  

Questions?  Ask away.

Stay the course.


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Hi, Jacqueline.  Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but glad you are here.  I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC in February 2016 with mets to the thyroid.  I had surgery and chemo.  Have you had either?  For better or worse, my cancer did not have any of the markers for targeted therapy.  Will your oncologist use radiation on the brain mets?  My doc told me that physicians are having great success with treating brain mets with radiation.

We're all here for you - we've been in your shoes, had the treatments, cried, yelled, and learned to live with our new normal.  Donna and Tom are absolute beacons of hope for us - they've beaten the odds!  Please keep us updated.  

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