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Well I'm finally going to have surgery in ten days to find out if it is cancer and what kind it is.vats surgery. Thank god for getting anti depressants other wise I wouldn't be able to handle all this. This is quite personal but has anybody have this surgery who has implants if so did they rupture? Just another thing I have to worry about.

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It's a good thing that you are having surgery to get some definite answers.  I just had surgery in october and I too have implants due to breast cancer.  My surgeon and I decided against a Vats due to the implants and the location of my tumor. I had an open thoractomy.  I am an ICU nurse who works with open heart and lung surgery patients.  My patients having Vats are up and about in the am and really get back to everyday activities quite quickly.  Prayers for a quick recovery and good news.  Keep me posted.  Lastly, I totally agree about the antidepressants.  


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