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Wall of memory


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If there are no objections, I am asking Rick to add David W to our wall of memory. We will use his obit that shirley found and his photo from the board. Also, I have asked Rick to add SAM to the wall as well.

If there is anyone else who needs help or any other member that may not have made the board, let us know and we will help and add them to the wall.

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Thats a beautiful idea...

I am working on my dads hope to have it to you by sat just in time for his birthday on sunday..I've been crying buckets but I think it needs to be done....

I was wondering if I cant figure out how to put my words with his picture would it be ok to send them separate. Something about cutting and pasting I just cant get the hang of.

If it cant be done or too much to try dont worry because I am sure I can get my daughter to help me...

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