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Susan Cornett

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We've all experienced that sucker punch to the gut when we, or a loved one, are diagnosed.  But several physicians have told me and others on this forum that a positive attitude is so important in this fight.  There are so many wonderful survivors on this forum that gave me, and continue to give me, hope.  

I read this today and think it applies to all of us on this forum: Don't die before you are dead. So, I move on with life and have decided not to die before I'm dead.  Cancer be damned - I'm going to Hawaii in 4 months.

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Hawaii!  Wow!  Impressed I am!  Doing the right thing, you are!  Here is a photo of our February 2007 trip while I was still in active treatment.  I endured 3 years of treatment before we went.  These are the islands of Ni'ihau and Kaua'i at sunset that we took during our Hawaiian interlude.

You are staying the course.  I'm so proud!



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