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Hello from new SCLC patient in New Zealand


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I was notified on Friday that I have Cancer and notified on Saturday morning that I have SCLC.

I will undergo scans in the next few days to determine the stage, but judging by the locations of pain in my body it will probably be ES-SCLC.

I am male, 44 years old, one adult son.

Soon to be ex smoker.

It is early Sunday afternoon in New Zealand at present. Since Saturday morning I have been slowly notifying closest friends and family, crying a lot, and trying to reach some level of acceptance of the odds of long term survival, prior to making a plan of action to survive as long and as well as I can.

I am having some difficulty with hope

I am fortunate that New Zealand has a publicly funded health system, so rather than individually paying for health insurance we collectively pay more tax.

I am not sure what else to say.


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Hang in there Adam. When you look at the statistics, remember that they show averages for a large number of people. You are an individual, a case of one. Having had 3 different cancers, I've found that for me, acceptance is a variable thing. I've learned as much as I can about my cancers, and that's helped me to make a plan to survive long and well. I try not to get too hung up on the odds.  Best of luck!

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Hello Adam

Glad you found us.  I can imagine this is a very upsetting diagnosis. I know I was very upset when I learned I had lung cancer.

 From what you have said I believe your is contained within your lungs ?  That would be good.  What is the plan of care set up?

Have they set it up?

My friend Janet I met over 15 yrs ago and she is doing well.  She had SCLC , had radiation and chemo. I pray you respond to treatment as she did especially

where you are so young.  Glad to hear you are planning to quit smoking.  You could use the money you save to have a great vacation.

How you feel emotionally and spiritually also affect your physical health.  So find support, times to relax. Let us help you with your friends and family.

Feel free to ask questions and get support.  Please update us on how you are doing.

Donna G

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Extended stage disease (ED) small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is no picnic.  Since you are newly diagnosed, you may want to read into your disease.  Start here to learn about current treatment options.  Moreover, the emerging field of immunotherapy is displaying success against ED SCLC.  Here is information about immunotherapy treatments. 

You'll likely start treatment with concurrent radiation and chemotherapy.  This treatment can be very effective in arresting your disease.  Here is some insight I wrote a while back that may help you prepare for your treatment.  In particular, Steps 5 through 10 are applicable to your situation.  It is important to manage expectations.  I know two fundamental things about lung cancer.  Treatment often works yielding extended life; lung cancer is a persistant disease.  Prepare for both.  Live your extended life and recognize that any form of lung cancer is rarely a "one and done" situation.  I had 4 recurrences after treatment yielded a no evidence of disease or NED state.   

In light of persistence, you may want to ask your doctor about the availability of immunotherapy treatments in New Zealand.  

This is a good place for your questions and you are most welcome.

Stay the course.


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Thank you all for your responses, I really appreciate it.

I fear it will be diagnosed as extensive, but i am starting to feel relatively positive anyway.

I have really tried to cry it out over the last few days, and I think that has helped me move on to feeling better and taking all available positive actions that I can.

I have made major diet changes already and I am continuing to research diets. I am interested in others opinions on diet. I am also trying to start chemo asap.

No doubt I have rough days ahead and more tears to come, but Im not taking it lying down and I believe by getting all available treatment and then following a very strict diet I have a good chance of being around for a while yet.

Thanks again for your responses and links, I will probably have more questions in time.


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