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Does anyone know about this?


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Hi all, 
My question isn’t exactly about lung cancer, but it is related to breast cancer.
So, I am a 38-year-old woman suffering from breast cancer. This news was a huge shock and disturbance in my otherwise normal life. From the time I heard about my disease, I am in a big shock, and I really feel so helpless. 
I started doing more research to know more about my disease, and everything related to breast cancer.  That is when this article caught my attention, http://thelawfirm.com/Taxotere/. It is said that women are likely to become permanently bald as a result of taking the breast cancer chemotherapy drug called Taxotere. Taxotere is a widely used drug as it is estimated that 75% of breast cancer patients were given this. Even after knowing the side effects of it, it is shocking to know that the manufacturers of this drug have not warned about this side effect. So, does this mean that my hair will never grow back? Has anyone had any such experience? I would like to know more about this. 

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I have never had breast cancer.  I did see on the news a preventative treatment I believe.

What they were showing was the women wearing a cap that caused the scalp to be very cold during the chemo session.  They

said this would decrease circulation to the scalp and therefore the chemo was less likely to circulate there and cause the damage.

Try googling that.

Donna G

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