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1st line chemo not working, need info about 2nd line chemos

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My dad got his test results - lung tumors smaller, but liver significantly worse. The report says there are innumerable tumors in the liver. 6 rounds of first line chemo (vp16 and cisplatin/carboplatin) ended about 4 weeks ago. My father is either in a lot of pain, or completely out from pain medication. I desperately need info about 2nd line chemos - which ones are there, are they more difficult to tolerate than vp16 and cisplatin, how well do they work, will they only cause my father more suffering. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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2nd line chemo for sclc can be Campostar/platinol per my research

"89% of patients treated with campostar had a partial or complete disappearance of cancer compared to only 40% of those who received etoposide (vp16). one year following treatment 60% of patients treated with campostar were still alive compared to 40% of those with vp-16. Furthermore, the platinol/campostar regimen produced fewer side effects that platinol/vp-16"



hope this helps a little

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My mama did several kinds of chemo. Her first was Etoposide and carboplatinum, when that one failed she was moved to CPT-11, when the tumors grew from CPT-11 she was put on topotecan, My mama did the best on the topotecan but each patient is different. Don't give up hope just keep on trying and I hope he does better on the next chemo choice.

For some reason I can't log in I suppose I have forgot my password and I can't seem to get a new one can somebody tell me what to do? Hugs Lillie

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As far as I know, the most common second-line chemo will be Topotecan + Cisplatin. But, actually there is few more options for second-line, CPT-11 should be better if the patient is responsive to this drug. But I found some buddies here experienced bad from CPT-11 and ultimately gave up.

Did the oncologist offer radiation target to liver? I don't know whether radiation could help, but just a flash come into my mind.

Hope your dad feel better very soon and very responsive to the new chemo regimen.

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