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scar tissue formation after right lower lobe rmoved


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I had an open thoracotomy for right lower lobectomy exactly 4 months ago. Almost immediately post-op I had full range of motion with my right arm. I could feel some scar tissue formation at the chest tube site if I was pressing on the site.  Not painful to speak of but noticeable.  I was working yesterday and was pulling a pt up in bed with the help form another nurse and I felt a quick pop or snap or something under my right breast close to my underarm and the visible scar from the chest tube.  I have no change in my breathing, no swelling or loss of movement.  I just have pain on deep inspiration in my right upper chest near the collar bone where all my previous chest tube pain was.  Does it sound possible that I broke apart some scar tissue that had formed over the last 4 months?  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I had stage 1a nsc adenocarcinoma. Any help is appreciated.  If the pain increases or my symptoms change I will be contacting the surgeon.  The good thing is I work with the surgeon and see him daily.  Obviously the support and suggestions from people who are living with this diagnosis is farmuch better than from the md who doesn't live with the lung cancer diagnosis.  Thank you my fellow fighters.

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Do you tear scar tissue formed over the last 4 months?  I wouldn't know but I've experienced many aches and pains associated with my surgeries, some years after.  

I have a lot of scar tissue.  One examining physician who didn't know my history thought I was wounded in battle with scars front, back and side.  I can't count the number of chest tubes I've had installed.  I even had one fall out while at home waiting for the next surgery.  And with all this trauma, I often have strange aches and pains that I attribute to the mayhem of my bronchopleural fistula repairs.  My GP told me to note the problem and see if it repeats and if it does, seek medical attention.  My aches often occur but rarely repeat so I chalk it up to new normal.

I'd take advantage of your proximity to a surgeon and ask.  Perhaps a quick exam would put your mind at ease.

Haven't heard from you for a while.  Glad you are back to work.

Stay the course.


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