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Chest xray


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I needed a chest x ray to take to the surgeon's 6 month visit in May. I was excited when I found parking on the street in Phila! Good sign, I said. :D

Saw the therapist prior to the x ray, and that was good too. I went over to the hospital and it was more crowded then I had ever seen. They took the film and then I had to wait while they viewed it. I was coming up to the 2 hour meter limit, and I was still sitting there and was trying not to get aggrevated. :evil:

Then all of a sudden I had this thought: What if something is wrong, and they are calling my doctor? :shock: With that thought, I decided to sit and wait like a good girl. (I know, I know). :roll: One hour and 15 minutes later, they told me I could go.

I prayed my car would still be there. It was. I hoped the ticket would not be too expensive. THERE WAS NO TICKET!!! :lol:

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When I go to see the surgeon (I think again in June, maybe sooner), I have to stop in at the xray department in the basement - they're usually pretty fast as in less than a 15 minute wait and then usually the xrays are ready before I am finished getting dressed - I take them upstairs and that's where it is agoning waiting, wondering......usually a bit of a wait but oh well. It's a two and a half hour drive TO the doctor's........usually a couple hours or so AT the doctor's and then the two and a half hour drive back -

I see the pulmonologist also, which is closer - same deal, I go in, get xray, go to the doctor with it -

Nobody has suggested anything other than xrays. No cat scans even. My first pulmonologist said I'd get a cat scan at the 1 year mark but it hasn't happened and it's been 16 months now.

I feel like a cat scan would more likely show something - catch something early.....but then again, I don't want anything to show and I know it's silly but I am like a two year old here with this - if I don't have it done, it won't show up, therefore it won't exist -

Anyone else here just have xrays after surgery and no cat scans? Am I living in an area where the medical procedures are outdated ?

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Dear Gail-and Janet--I agree ---these tests are so scary----I have to go someplace else to pick up my films (I get cat scans) and I am too nervous to peek before I see my surgeon----then my mind goes wild as the surgeon has the results ---he just not the pictures---If they call to remind me of the appointment, I assume it is because they have bad news----the imagination goes wild---

I have my next test in May---of course, the ostrich that I am, I am going to make it May 31st---I too would rather not know if it is bad news----

It will be three yrs since my lobectomy , and after numerous scares (I even had a mediantoscopy due to enlarged lymph nodes) ---so far all is good--except I seem to have sarcoidosis (inflammatory lung disease) which lights up everything---also they saw a lump on my breast---with the last pet scan---another scare but a mammogram turned out negative---then they say something outside my gall bladder---more tests, sonogram then some other scan---that seems to be ok----

so sometimes cats and pets light up for other reasons--

best of health to both of you and may you continue to get clear scans



lobectomy 6/00 upper right lung stage 1A

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We go to U of P for neuro doc and to Fox Chase Cancer Center for everything else. U of P is crappy and expensive parking and always a long wait for doc. Also, when I needed Earl's medical records they acted like I had no right to them.

FCCC is wonderful. Always easy and free parking. Hardly ever a wait of more than a few minutes. And docs, nurses and admin staff are great.

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hi john my nsclc was found by x-ray 2.2 cm and that test your talking about i dont know if ive had it but when i go to skm thaey give a ct-scan of chest 5 minutes when i go local 20 minutes

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I have no idea about the cost. I think it would be cheaper because it I believe a lot of it is software and x-ray vs expensive specialized hardware (PET, CT).

It was just FDA approved - not sure if it is covered by insurance

Take care,


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Guest Estrea


There is no question a CT is better than an xray. In fact, it saved my life in the first place. And, while I can relate to the not wanting to know part, the fact is if you do G-d forbid get a recurrence, the sooner they see it the better so you can get treatment. You should be getting one every 6 months at least.


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Absolutely agree with Estrea;

I get ct scans of the chest, brain and abdomen every 6 months along with chest x-rays and bloodwork. Doc says if somethings brewing we wanna catch it early. Yes, it's scary but just part of the disease.

Hey Estrea - cute pic., there so great at that age, my wife wishs they

would stay there,but then, they become teenagers - just

kidding, you really are blessed!!

God bless and be well

Bobmc -NSCLC- stage IIB left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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