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Statue joke


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There were two statues in Italy.A female nude and a male nude that had been facing each other in a park for hundreds of years.One day the fairy godmother came down and told them that since they had been such wonderful statues that she would grant them 5 minutes of life.She waved her wand.The jumped from their pedastals and ran to the nearest hedgerow.All kinds of noises were being generated from the bushes.Moans,groans,screams,etc.Fairy godmother says time is up.They come back to the pedastals and the female nude says that after hundreds of years dreaming about this chance and opportunity that it had been evern more pleasurable than she had imagined.The male agreed.The fairy godmother was feeling sorry for them now so she told them she would grant 5 more minutes.She waved her wand.They jumped down.The male nude says,"OK.This time you hold the pigeon and I shi_ on him"OOOPS. :lol: TBone

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