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Informational Booth at Fair


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I am getting a booth at our annual Arbor Days Celebration in April. We have about 250,000 visitors each day for three days and I believe this will be a great way to spread the word about LC and do some fundraising on a big level. I plan to have a ton of flyers to pass out-

I have a box of BEAUTIFUL handmade earrings from our very own J.C that I plan to display and sell, I plan to print off and frame DeanCarl's graphic artwork and if any one else would like to donate anything to sell, it would very much be appreciated.

Does anyone know a sign or banner maker that could give us a donation or cut-rate on a banner for the booth?

I think you can get to the info at this link. Any other ideas for the booth would surely be appreciated.

http://www.ci.euless.tx.us/arbor_daze/A ... cation.pdf

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All is confirmed and the booth has been paid for and approved by the city. Except for J.C.'s earrings and DeanCarls artwork- I've got nothing to sell. I've been working the wee hours of the morning handpainting tote bags that I hope will bring in folks- but I ran out of materials yesterday. Will wait until my payday before I buy more bags, paint, and transfer paper.

I'll post a picture of some when I get them completed.

Still in need of anyone who knows a printer who is willing to donate printing services or a banner for the booth. If I don't get lucky to find one...the INSTIGATOR has pretty much assured us that we can afford a banner and some flyers/ brochures. (THANK YOU Instigator, you came in the nick of time.)

I'm so excited about this fair and the booth itself. I am certain I will recoup all prep- funds but I am praying and hoping that we get some fundraising donations as well!!! But most importantly is spreading the word about this disease, the truth about we has it, and the importance of early detection.

Any other relatively small tangible items that ya'll want to donate for the fair to be sold for donation fundraising- will be much appreciated- and of course you will receive a receipt for tax deductible purposes.

THANK you.

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Also could use some packages of Avery Ink Jet Dark T-Shirt Transfers. These are transfer paper that can be printed on an Ink Jet printer and ironed on tote bags, Hats and etc. They are sold in packs of 5 at office deport or others.

Anyone have a connection to get these or etc...



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Just waiting for the cards from New Zealand, over 300 pairs

are ready and will be there before April.

Tote bags could be printed with a computer printer, aprons, t-shirts,

boxer shorts. Car stickers could be made...........

Just wish I live nearer.

Just make a numbered list of what you would like and somebody in the group may have the knowledge to do it.

Here to help.


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Thank you ALL of you!

J.C> Wonderful news ! Can't wait to see the new stuff

Laurie> Of course I will demo the CD at the booth and magnets, etc...I think will be good. Heck, I'll give anything a try to make some money!

Teresa> Thank YOU!

Wish you guys lived closer too! Yall are the best.

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