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Just diagnosed :(


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Hi, I'm Robert and have just been diagnosed with S IV NSC Carcinoma. Waiting for the genetics to come back but found out I don't have over 50 PD-1 so at this point, no Keytruda. Have to wait for the rest to come back to decide on the course of treatment. Being treated at NYU in New York and so far happy with the doc. When it comes time for a second opinion, I'll  reach out to this community for suggestions. 

Thank you

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Welcome aboard.

You might want to look around at this forum and get acquainted.  We've got some resources that may be of interest.  Here is information on adenocarcinoma and on Keytruda and immunotherapy you may find interesting.

This is a good place to ask questions about lots of things including second opinions.

Stay the course.


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Hi Tom and thanks for your reply.

I spent quite a bit of time on the site today..it's very helpful.

We'll see what the docs come up with and go from there.

I'll definitely stay on here and keep this up to date.





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Hey people, hope you are strong, wish you the best, god bless you! I remember when i was diagnsoed myself... how depressed it was that they even put me on Fluoxetine. that an horrible experience but you can get through it!

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Hi, Robert,

Welcome to LCSC. This is a great community to connect with others who are navigating a lung cancer diagnosis. I am glad that Tom has already shared some helpful resources with you. Please feel free to ask questions and explore the discussion boards and blogs. If you would like additional resources or support, I will be happy to help.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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