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Dog joke


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A man buys a pit bull puppy.He has it for a few weeks and one day the puppy attacks and bites his neighbor.He calls the vet.What can I do to keep this dog from biting?I love him but don't want a mean dog.The vet asks if it is male or female.Male he says.Bring him down here and I'll castrate him and he won't bite anymore.OK.The owner loads the dog on back of his pickup truck.He is headed to the vet.Stops at a redlight and there is a very drunk wino hanging on to a light pole at the intersection.The dog jumps off the truck and just tears into the wino.The owner jumps out.I am so sorry.I was just on my way to the vet to get his nuts cut out.The wino says.Damn the vet.Take that little b*stard to the dentist and get his teeth pulled.I knew he didn't want sex when he jumped off that truck.. :lol:

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