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New Nodule Found

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Well, I am not a new member, but a returning one. I have had great check ups for almost 9 years. DX in 2008, Stage 1B NSCL, upper left lung removed. Just a fluke, a  test that my regular oncologist usually doesn't ordered was ordered by my primary care doc. That led to CT scans, which led to a PET scan.  They found a new small (3 mm) nodule in my right lung. To make matters worse, my oncologist of almost 25 years (gallbladder cancer in 1992)is retiring, so I have to go through the new doctor process all over again. Did find one at the University of Michigan Cancer Center.  So, now the waiting game to see what the new oncologist will recommend. I need to stay strong. As anyone had it return after so long and what did the docs recommend? TIA

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Oh no! What lousy news.

Hear great things about U of M Cancer center.  I'm still NED and hoping to stay that way but I had 4 recurrences during treatment.

You know the drill -- staging and typing drama.  My oncologist is retiring also so I need to find another also but as of now, my visits are bi annual "how you doing" office calls.

Stay the course.


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Hello " Is Unique" . 

I have a very good friend who after 10 years they found a new lung cancer tumor on the other side of her chest.  The biopsy actually found it was a different type of NSCLC.

She had another lobectomy on that side.    Then 5 years later another tumor  showed up.  This time they said where she had had lobectomies on bothe sides they would

treat it this time by radiation.   They have been watching that a year now that checking to make sure there is no growth.

Donna G


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