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Any suggestions PLEASE!


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Hello All, I am at a loss and hoping for some advice. My mom was diagnosed with sclc June 16, she did 6 rounds of chemo and after that the scans showed it was gone. She then went to a radiation oncologist in Nov 16 to get whole brain radiation because I guess that is always the next step since sclc tends to go to the brain so this was to prevent it. He did a scan and said that she had brain cancer and it was a sheet of cancer covering her brain and she had maybe 30 days to live. We went to get a second opinion and they said there is No brain cancer after several scans. We did not know it was a misdiagnose until after the radiation. After her 6 weeks of wbr from the dr who said she had brain cancer, she has not been the same. Constantly been in and out of hospital, sleep all day & night, not quality of life. She has now been in the hospital since March 10 so a little over 3 wks. She was hallucinating & my dad figured out what pills was causing it so they took her off of them (they were pills to coat her stomach because she could not eat because of her stomach hurting so bad). Three days after they took her off the pills she has been in an unresponsive state since. She will open her eyes every once in a while but there is no response. She was reacting to pain but now is not doing that. They have tested her for so much stuff and have come up with nothing. She has swelling in her brain, they were treating her for meningitis but all those tests came back negative. They thought it was thyroid but those tests came back fine. Did 2 different lumbar punctures to test the spinal fluid but everything came back fine, no cancer cells in fluid. Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced your loved one going into a coma type state and recovered from it…if so what was it? If anyone has any suggestions I welcome any and all. I just do not want to feel like I am not fighting for my mom to stay alive. TIA!

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I wish I had information to offer you, but I don't.  My grandmother had SCLC that went to her brain, but she died very quickly after that was found.  Please know that I'm thinking about you and your family and am hopeful that you will get some answers soon.  

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I read your post yesterday and hoped I would be able to find the words to address your mother's medical difficulties and your pain.  Sometimes, life experience is so unreal it becomes unbelievable.  I've experienced this phenomenon as a soldier and watched my wife experience it as she encountered all the mayhem caused by my extensive lung cancer treatment. Both times I was helpless and could only observe.  The surreal experience you are in will eventually end and perhaps, one hopes, you will find closure and peace.

I have no suggestion that will assist your mom or your ability to influence her situation or counter your pain.  I pray you both find peace.

Stay the course.


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