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New tumour in pancreas...


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What a week it has been! 2 round trips to city three hours from home, 4 hospitals in seven days, seven doctors, a CT scan, an X-ray, tons of blood work, a two night hospitalization and this morning, after leaving the house at 4 AM, dear stepdad had an ERCP and is home resting. Family and ER doctor thought painless obstructive jaundice and crazy bloodwork was a signal that cancer had spread to the liver. Oncologist was quite shocked to see that there is a 4 cm mass at the head of the pancreas that has been causing the jaundice. Also some slight growth in primary and other lung spots.


When they did the ERCP and put the stent in the pancreas this morning, to hopefully help with the jaundice, they did a biopsy as well. This could be new pancreatic cancer or a met but apparently lung mets to pancreas are quite rare :S. Doctor agrees it will be good to know but isn't quite sure it will

matter either way... Have confirmed this mass wasn't in pancreas in February.


Bloodwork again tomorrow, and next Tuesday, and will see the oncologist again next Thursday. He's doing well but is nauseous and fatigued post ERCP.


I'm struggling with what to do about work. I'm the full time caregiver and want to be there for him. Oncologist will sign my LOA forms (which state that there is a strong chance of death in next six months) giving me up to six months off to spend with him. I don't want to start it too early, and even though this past week had been busy, I know not every week will be. It's difficult to try to answer emails and schedule meetings when I never know what the next hour will bring. I know in my heart it's time but what a roller coaster. [emoji173]️



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We were all hoping for a better outcome for your stepfather.  It is fortunate, you are allowed to take a leave of absence to care for him as he experiences this change in life cycle.

Hope is so very important to a lung cancer survivor and to those that care for the survivor.  Often, it is our only reliable treatment method.  So, we invest in hope and it becomes very hard to pair back the investment.  This, and your love, are likely the reasons you are finding difficulty accepting progression and its consequences.  But, there are only two universal and predictable aspects of all life:  birth and death.  

Ensuring a comfortable transition is so very important and I can tell you will excel in this process.

Stay the course.


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Thank you, Tom. We called 911 last night. He has post ERCP pancreatitis and infection and had been admitted to our local hospital. Just trying to keep him comfortable now and iv antibiotics.

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