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Increase of Federal cigarette taxes- QUIT SMOKING

Donna G

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I just l read this am in the paper NATIONWIDE PLAN AIMS TO HELP SMOKERS QUIT by Hope Yen, Associated Press. It said they plan to raise federal taxes on the packs from $ .39 to $ 2.39. The addition $ 2 would be used for a help line . It said annually 440,000 people die prematurely from illness caused by cigs, That would be equal to a 9/11 happening every other day. I did a google search but could not come up with the article as of yet. Donna G

Now I just heard about it on the news at noon.. Here is the article


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Guest Michael

In NYC cigarettes are $7.50 pack mostly taxes. Every smoker that I know is purchasing them online for under $2.00 pack thereby reducing tax revenue from cigarettes. I believe (not certain) that they're being purchased from Indian Reservations and from outside the USA. Those purchasing cigarettes for $7.50 are mostly occasional infrequent smokers who won't order the minimum required for discounts which may be 4 cartons. Rasing taxes will continue to send more and more smokers to the internet purchasing tax free cigarettes.

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