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Two active cancers?

Julie in SoCal

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Greetings friends,

i have just found out that melanoma has returned. I had done extensive immunotherapy, and thought I had kicked it to the curb this last time.  But alas it is not so.  

Do any of you know how having two cancer works? Do you treat both at the same time? 

I'm for a vats lobectomy a week from Monday, so I'll know more about my LC staging then.  I just know I've had this mystery meat now named Larry the lung tumor for awhile, so I'm not optimistic that I'll turn out to be stage 1, but then I'm getting ahead of myself.

any thoughts on two cancers?  I know it's not that uncommon..



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I can't give you first hand knowledge because my two cancers were the same type - Squamous cell skin, treated surgically, and Squamous lung, treated with concurrent radiation and chem, then surgery, then chemo (twice) and finally SBRT. 

So I don't have a clue. We have folks on the Lungevity Facebook page that have experienced concurrent treatment of two different types. Search Lungevity on Facebook to link up. 

Stay the course. 


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Good morning, Julie. I had lung and thyroid cancer; thyroid cancer was found when doc was looking for lung mets. Because there had been no spread of the thyroid cancer, I had a thyroidectomy and that was the extent of my treatment. I wish you the best.

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Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I've had a biopsy (many, in fact) and the diagnosis is:  primary adenocarcinoma of the lungs, and primary malignant melanoma in lymph nodes.

Originally we thought the lung funk "Larry" was melanoma.  It made sense. I have melanoma and melanoma likes lungs.  But when it didn't respond to any melanoma treatment (while other tumors were) we biopsied it and found out that it is adenocarcinoma of the lung. Larry the lung tumors eviction is in a week.



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