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Living Life After Lung Cancer

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When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, treatment is the next step. As we have been learning, clinical trials are a modern mode of treatment. But it can take time to find the right one, and there are risks. What if a trial doesn’t work, or worse yet becomes fatal? There is paperwork that must be filled out and information that must be acquired to legally bind the patient to the trial. Cynthia Shimizu, an oncology social worker, helps many of her patients through this process every day. She sits with them to cultivate a medical plan that envelops their beliefs, wishes, priorities and goals. Katie Brown, Vice President of Support and Survivorship programs, discusses educating patients on the drug front and misconceptions of clinical trials. https://www.patientpower.info/video/living-your-best-life-after-a-lung-cancer-diagnosis 

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