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Watch and Wait


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Ok, against all odds my ebus on the PET SUv Max 4, 1,3 cm hilar R lymph nodes came back negative (Thoracic surgeon was nearly certain I was going to be positive and stage 2a or worse). That followed my ct that showed my SPN in lung declining in size from 7.2mm to 6mm in 45 days on its own (in volume terms that is a significant 42% deciline).. But I know every time I think I am ok, some bad report comes my way so I am still fearful. Will follow with another CT in 45 days.  In the interim, I still feel like my ride side is sore from my neck to my lung and cant help but be reminded of my problem each day. Draining on me. We watch and wait. But I will take that over confirmed cancer any day..

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What do you know? Sitting in a motel room in Barcelona just off a 14-day transatlantic cruise and am greeted by THIS WONDERFUL POST with A NED SCAN. My oh my, 'tis a wonderful day!

Stay the course. 


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