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Ok, stage IV adenocarcinoma with ALK markers. You've come to the right place. We are on the internet but are not the internet. I've found the internet sensationalizes our disease, kind of like a newspaper. Who wants to read about successful lung cancer treatment. Doom and gloom sells but not here!

We have lung cancer. We know about treatment, both the upside and downside. We'll tell you unfettered truth, the good and not so good. But most important, we are alive to tell the story. And that is the best "support" we offer. Simply put, if I can live, so can you!  That's your take away from your first encounter with our forum.

Stay the course. 



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Hi, Ringo,

Welcome to LCSC. We're glad you've joined this community. Please feel free to explore the discussion boards and join in any conversations that resonate with you. When you're comfortable, feel free to ask questions or share more information about your diagnosis and treatment.

Tom is right about LCSC being different than other sites and forums. Everyone here has been affected by lung cancer in some way, either as a patient/survivor, caregiver, or advocate. We are here to support each other and learn from each other's experiences. I first started working for LUNGevity in 2011 when my uncle was diagnosed with Stage IV ALK. Last September, we celebrated his five-year milestone.

When you're ready, fire away with any questions you may have for us!

With gratitude,

Lauren Humphries
Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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