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Hitting the wall

Susan Cornett

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Just a post to vent......I'm mentally and physically exhausted.  I have finally hit the wall with this round of treatment.  I endured chemo (cisplatin/pemetrexed) last year, but that cycle was a little more forgiving; one long day every three weeks.  This round, I've had daily radiation for almost 6 weeks and weekly chemo (carboplatin/taxol).  The chemo side effects aren't as bad, but I guess the daily grind of radiation, with the weekly chemo, and the fatigue have finally knocked me down.  I'm also starting to lose my hair and Super Doc told me I'll have two more rounds of chemo in June and those two treatments WILL take the rest of my hair.  I thought I was mentally prepared to lose my hair, but I wasn't.  It's starting slow but at some point, I'll take matters into my own hands and just shave my head.  But then I remind myself that I told Super Doc I'll do whatever it takes to beat this, and losing hair is just a casualty of this war.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Sometimes just putting it in writing helps me, especially because I know you've all endured this and so much more.  

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Hang in there, Susan! I've been there. I had the daily radiation with weekly chemo, too. Mine was for cervical cancer and the worst of it was my digestive system REALLY objected to it.  I understand the need to vent. When my hair started going, I had a short buzz cut. It was less upsetting than waking up with chunks on my pillow or having a bunch come out when I combed it. Getting it off all at once gave me some sense of control. I got a wig (cheap one!), which I wore rarely. I really got into hats and scarves, though,  indulging myself in quite a few.  A couple of the nicer ones I still wear. Yep, you're right that you need o do (and can do, and will do!) what ever it takes. Hair is just hair --although sometimes it doesn't seem like it 

All my best to you,


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I know what you are going thru and want you to hang in there. I went thru 15 sessions of daily radiation and am going thru chemo once a week (3 on 1 off) for 12 weeks while I wait to see if I can do the targeted therapy. I totally understand and sympathize with you. Hang in there Susan....just concentrate on the end!



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