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Hi there!

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Hi everyone, my name is nichole. I am a 28, I was diagnosed this past January with NSCLC adenocarcinoma with mets to brain and HER2 mutation. I just finished my 6 cycles of carboplatin/alimta and will either start a combination of keytruda/alimta or gilotrif.



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I'm so very sorry to learn of your diagnosis. Twenty-eight and Stage IV, wow!

Sounds like you are lined up for targeted therapy and there have been very promising results from this new treatment mode. You'll have a ton of questions and this is a great place to ask. As you look around the forum, you'll note many of us are long tenured survivors and your conclusion from that discovery is if we can live, so can you. 

Questions? This would be the place to ask.  

Stay the course. 


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Hi Nichole,

I'm so sorry you are having to face this, especially at such young age. My heart goes out to you! Tom is right, you will find so much information here, and if you have a question don't be shy about asking! I don't know anything about your type of lung cancer or mutation, but I did get 4 treatments of Keytruda. The side effects for me were minimal, some fatigue, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I hope it is successful for you!


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Hi, Nichole,

Welcome to LCSC. This online community is a great place to connect with other survivors and ask questions and share experiences. I can encourage some of our younger members and members who are on targeted therapies to respond to this thread. Please let me know if you'd like additional resources or support and I will be happy to connect you.

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LUNGevity Foundation

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Hi Nichole!

I am so sorry that we are meeting under these circumstances [emoji20]
I was diagnosed at 30 with NSC lung cancer. Stage IV adenocarcinoma. I am 33 now! I have been thru a few different treatments including gilotrif, tarceva, cisplatin/ alimta, radiation, surgery and now I am on tarceva/cabozantinib. I've been on my current treatment for 14 months. My tumor is EGFR+ with MET amplification.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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