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I got interviewed today


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It's just our little campus paper, but hey, the kids read it! Evidently my students think that I, with my friend the oxygen tank, am "an inspiration" and have been telling their friends who work at the paper about me. So today a reporter came by and interviewed me. We didn't talk a lot about lung cancer statistics --a little about the stigma and the lack of research funding; more about that the fact that there are people like me (young and non-smoking who get lung cancer) but that fact gets swept under the rug. He was mostly interested in me as a human interest story--you know, professor still dedicated to teaching in spite of health difficulties, but it was a start. I told him that I really don't think of myself as doing something unusual when I get up and teach each day--I can either go home and wait to die, or I can live my life as well as I am able.

I am not sure when it will come out--our paper only prints twice a week, and a few big things are going on right now, but when it happens, I'll try to post a link for you all.


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Way to go. It is so nice that the kids where you live have so much respect for you as their teacher and wanted to get your story out there. When I was a kid in Missouri, we had respect for our teachers. In California, forget it, no respect or caring for the teachers. How sad. Thanks for posting. Prayers for your continued strength, health and cure...

Blessings to you


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