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I finished my last round of chemo Thursday so the Dr says for now. Next she wants me to see a radiologist to start radiation on my brain lesions.  I am really afraid  of this.I hear it's going to make me more tired I can't imagine. I told her I have to work. She said I can go during my lunch hour. I have  a bunch of questions like , will it swell my brain? What if I don't get it? How long do  I have to do it for.? Other side effects? I have been very sad since she told me. I cry a lot. I know  I'm just stressing myself out. I just  want to be normal again. The past couple days I have been dropping things, Is it stress?  I go for a pet scan and MRI the 17th.Does anyone have any insight on radiation?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Not first hand experience but I know a lot of folks who had it including my daughter.  Her brain radiation was post surgery to remove a meningioma.  She had all the concerns you mentioned but there was no other way of dealing with her problem. She did experience side effects with a lack of energy being the most concerning. This resolved quickly after radiation was complete. 

Please try and relax a bit.  Radiation works and should address your brain mets.  You'll get through this.

Stay the course.



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