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Squamish Cell


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Hi!! I hope it's going well for everyone!!

It's been months since my mom diagnosis of stage 1 Squamish cell LC and I am still trying to understand "protocol". To the doctors, surgery was all that was needed.  No chemo no radiation. Is this really "protocol" for others that have been stage 1? I can't find too many articles about this. Also right before my moms LC diagnosis she was diagnosed with Squamish cell skin cancer. They (her doctors) say that was unrelated to her LC....and I just wonder if that was the case. Any thoughts?? 

**Its scan-anxiety for us right now. As I mentioned in another post her first follow up showed two tiny spots (2mm and 3mm) too small to biopsy (cause of location) and too small to pick up activity on a PET scan. Sooooo we waited 3 months, her scan is next Monday.**


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I thought I recognized you....

I've have had a diagnosis of both Squamous cell lung cancer and Squamous cell skin cancer.  Squamous comes from the Latin word squamo meaning scale.  It originally only referred to reptile skin but scientific usage over the years caused the word to be used to associated with skin cells.  We have Squamous cells on our exterior skin and the inside walls of organs.  For example, the bronchus in the lung consists of Squamous cells.

As far as protocol, I'm assuming your mom's doctor was recommending surgical treatment and you've just found out your mother may also need chemo after surgery.  Many lung cancer surgical protocols also include post surgical chemo.  The reason is to kill any cancer cells that may be in the bloodstream or discharged to the blood stream during surgery. It is a pretty common practice. Here is a short summary of lung cancer surgery information on our website. Note the wording in the fourth paragraph.

I know all about scanziety and wish there was something I could do to ease your concern. I hope those 2 tiny spots disappear on this scan.

Stay the course.


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Hi, Laney,

I'm glad you and Tom have connected--he seems like exactly the person you needed to talk to! We'll be thinking of you and your mom on Monday. Please keep us posted on the results!

Digital Community Manager

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Gosh I have been so busy I forgot to check this post!! Thank you so much for the reply!! Sorry if my post was confusing. No they don't recommend any chemo or radiation they just did surgery.  They said there isn't much "proof" that chemo/radiation helps when NSCL when caught at stage 1. So I was just curious since she had the skin cancer if other have heard otherwise if chemo/radiation is helpful!! I know not everyone's story is the same...I was just curious on people's opinion because I didn't know if others had the same situation (crazy how you have also skin cancer..) and so refreshing to read/see how well you are doing!! ? 

Thanks for all the prayers. I will most definitely keep you all updated!! 

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My mom received her report today. Looking for some guidance. This was a three month follow up scan from her prior scan due to two small nodules (2mm and 3mm). The report stated stable pulmonary nodules, there were also a few tiny nodules that showed up (no size given) and they also stated a 1.1cm ground glass density in right lower lobe that they feel is due to infection. She was pretty sick a month ago, we all got this nasty cold that lasted for a few weeks. She doesn't see her pulmonagist for a few weeks. Can someone tell me if ground glass density is the same as a nodule? Her whole report talk about nodules but this specific section it stated density.


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