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NSCLC mucinous adenocarcinoma since October 2016


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In October I had lobectomy of right lung and was diagnosed with stage 1. In February of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 and don't really know my status now. I have had 35 radiation treatments and 9 chemo treatments with taxol and carboplatin. Have pet scheduled for late June. I was tested and found positive 60% for lpd1. Open for suggestions and thoughts. 

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Welcome here!  

To help with suggestions can you confirm the type of lung cancer. Is is small cell or non small cell?  If non small cell, is it adenocarcinoma or Squamous cell? Did the test report show you be 60% positive for PDL-1?  

These clarifications should allow us to provide input and suggestions. In the meantime, look around the forum and notice that many of us are long tenured survivors. You might read our profiles or review our blogs. Another resource you may find valuable is Lung Cancer 101 on Lungevity.org. 

Stay the course. 


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I've had both Opdivo and Keytruda. Opdivo first, which I really had no side effects with except neutropenia, which is a severe drop in white blood cells. I started getting a shot (Neulasta) and that took care of it. My oncologist made a wrong decision based on Foundation One gene testing and put me on Tarceva ( which was just horrid and another whole story on its own) I changed Oncologists and my treatment changed for the better.

Now, Keytruda. After my oncologist switch, I was tested for PDL-1 and found to be quite high in suppression. I don't remember the number, but I was put on Keytruda. Unfortunately it wasn't working for me and I am now in a clinical trial.

Side effects of both the Opdivo and Keytruda were very mild. Some nausea, some fatigue. That was really about it, with the exception of the neutropenia, which was controlled with a shot after each treatment.

I hope you have little to no side effects and whichever medication they choose for you works well!


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Hi Michelle
How are you doing with on the clinical trial.
Thanks for sharing. Really nervous about what is going on in my body. I had no symptoms last October when this started. Now I am having a fair amount and am concerned I am either ripping my insides with surgery, chemo, or radiation or is the cancer getting worse. Breathing difficulties, pain all increasing.

Is this normal.


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