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Right Lower Lobectomy


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I had the lower lobe of my right lung removed in March 2017 due to stage 1 lung cancer.  In 2015 i had been diagnosed with COPD, but had no problems or treatment for it.  I am in my 12th week of recovery and still having pain and shortness of breath.  The cancer was very early so no Chemo or radiation was needed.  I was in the hospital for 9 days after surgery due to a partial lung collapse.  After putting in a second tube, the lung still would not expand.  I was put on oxygen in April due to the pain, and to try to keep the lung from collapsing any further.  I returned to work 10 weeks after surgery on oxygen as needed.  I have not been able to work a full week due to tiredness and shortness of breath.   I guess my question is has anyone else had this problem with lung cancer and COPD? I have trouble breathing the most on damp rainy days and hot humid days.  Any suggestions on how to cope with these bad days?  Also i have had several people suggest breathing therapy.  Is there any such thing or has anyone had this type of therapy.  This has been a very emotional roller coaster for myself and my family as i am sure everyone can relate to.  I have days  i question myself if i am pushing myself hard enough, or to hard, oe am i just depressed and things aren't as bad as they really feel.  I have began therapy for an overflow of emotions, but it is hard to explain how i feel to someone who has not been there.  I would appreciate any suggestions people have, or just to hear from someone that they are/have been threw the same thing.  Thank you in advance.

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I had my right lung removed and because of complications had two more surgeries to repair a problem with my bronchus stump. That area is now very sensitive and I don't have COPD and never had asthma but on hot, humid days, and when the pollin is heavy, I suffer breathing difficulties. 

This does affect how far I can walk or perform other activity. I use two types of inhalers. Advair and combivent. Both are prescription but I use the Advair in morning and evening and combivent as needed. I've learned to use the combivent before I encounter difficult air quality conditions and that helps a great deal. Moreover, if I'm out and enounter difficult breathing conditions, I take a steam shower after dosing with combivent. I'd consult with your doctor if you don't have inhalers. 

My GP often prescribes breathing treatments when I have a bad chest cold. He lets me use the clinic's nebulizer but I get a script for the medicine. I take it 4 times per day when ill and it helps. Perhaps use of the nebulizer is the breathing therapy people have recommended.

I am not on O2 but have been on it after surgical procedures. Air quality makes a big difference to me. We had an extended vacation on the west coast of Ireland and there is no pollen in the Atlantic Ocean. Spring there was wonderful but here in Texas, some days can be miserable. I hope this helps. 

Stay the course. 


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Debbie65 ...i had my left lower lobe removed in jan this year and have finished 4 rounds of chemo and have just recently had my ct scan results which showed i have NO cancer anywhere but i do have some fluid where the lobe once was but the oncologist said thats normal to get some fluid there and if it doesnt cause any symptoms then leave it alone and the symptoms would be shortness of breathe and some pain from the pressure of the fluid and a cough so im wondering if this could be your problem ? And they can drain fluid away if its causing you discomfort

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