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Pain between shoulder blades?

Julie in SoCal

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Greetings Friends,

I'm a month out of successful VATs lobectomy (upper left lobe).  I still have the weird tight feeling in my ribs, and a bit of sensitive skin below my ribs.  These I understand are a result of the chest tube and will eventually go away.

What I don't quite understand is a pain I have between my shoulder blades.  I'm assuming it's VATs related, yes?  Sometimes it hurts a lot (like now) sometimes not at all.  Am I doing something to aggravate something?

Thanks for your help,


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I had a lot of surgeries in 2004 and a lot of pain in strange places after.  I drove my wife and surgeon nuts but my surgeon wanted me to report all pain events and their early "practice portal" on line system proved invaluable.  My wife would sign on to the portal and jot down a couple of sentences reporting my new symptom and that evening or the next, we'd have an answer.  

On one occasion, it was report to the immediately to the emergency room so these communications were vital.  Does your surgeon have this type of communication portal?  

Stay the course.


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I am two weeks post VATS surgery removing my top right lobe. I had pain between my shoulder blades. Four days ago, I started doing senior yoga for beginners using youtube videos. The pain between my shoulders is usually gone. The discomfort along my right side from having my arm over my head for four hours during surgery has been somewhat relieved. I don't understand where the pain between my shoulders come from, but the easy yoga relieves it.

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