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Spouse of patient

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Last Sunday we went to the ER as my husband had chest pain. They said

his heart was fine but he had huge masses on his lungs. He was admitted for three days but sent home with Hospice " to make him comfortable." The pain in his upper back is bad. Now there's oxygen, a hospital bed and a wheelchair in our living room and we can't believe how fast things are happening-

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 So very sorry that you and your husband have received such awful news. Have they given you any options for treatment? I will include you in our prayers each day.


 also new to this site Lungevity, lots of great information here, as well as wonderful support, as so many are dealing with similar situations.


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I am so very sorry to learn of your husband's diagnosis.  Pulmonary fibrosis is one of those diseases where symptoms can only be moderated.  Has he displayed symptoms (shortness of breath) over a period of time or did all this happen suddenly?

My wife and I planned hospice care for me when my lung cancer resisted fourth line treatment.  After meeting with the hospice doctor and nurses, we concluded if our last treatment alternative failed, we'd enter hospice care.  We were convinced that was far better than hospitalization.

Nothing I can write can comfort you and having faced this situation myself, I can say, unfortunately, I know what your husband is feeling.  I wish I had a magic wand and could wave away his disease.

You are welcome to stay connected with us if it gives you comfort.  While we don't have a lot of expertise in pulmonary fibrosis, many of the symptoms are common with lung cancer and we might offer you some assistance and comfort.

Stay the course.


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Thank you so much- he was sick with the IPF but we were still traveling( on oxygen). During the month of May his shortness of breath increased and he had trouble walking. On Fathers Day we were in Ma. For a wedding when he got a sharp pain in his chest. We rushed to the hospital thinking it was heart. Three doctors came in and said " your heart is good"- momentary grins exchanged/ but... there are two huge masses on your CT- you definitely have lung cancer. Since that day pain has increased, hospice is in control and we are looking at the will etc-


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Hi, Laura,

I am very sorry that you and your husband are going through this, but we are glad that you've joined this community. Please continue to post updates and feel free to ask questions. The more information you can share, the easier it will be for us to connect you to resources and people who may be able to help you navigate his diagnosis.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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For your lives to change so drastically in such a short period of time must be overwhelming for you. All of us here are so sorry to read about your situation. I am glad you are satisfied with hospice services so far and I'm glad you have felt you could share here and be supported. I too had no lung cancer symptoms until it was found accidentally and had already advanced. THat is true for many lung cancer patients. If you have already been dealing with CF, why would you ever suspect lung cancer? We are thinking of you and sending prayers for comfort for your husband.


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