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Hello intrducing myself (hope I am doing this right)


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Hi my name is Charlotte and I was recently diagnosed in April with small cell lung cancer. In 2013 I had breast cancer but this is a new cancer not from the breast cancer. It came as a total shock to me and I think I still have the dear in the headlight look. In January I started not feeling well and went circles with my doctor until I decided on my own to go to the ER and try to get a lung x-ray. I did and it showed a large mass on the left with a deflated lung and 2 blood clots in the right. I was admitted. My oncologist came in the next day and scheduled me for a broncoscopy and other tests. Not sure all the terminology but I know it is small cell, it has spread out of the lung but not in any vital organs or brain. I was immediately started on chemotherapy 3 times a week. I am 62 years old, my children are grown and have over a dozen grandchildren. I live with a gentleman who is being very supportive in taking care of me, I just wish I could do more for myself. I did very well on the chemo for the breast cancer and thought this would be similiar but this one is getting extremely hard. I am glad I found this forum for support, I was in one for the other cancer and it got me through numerous long nights.

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Hi Charlotte,

There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people here to answer your questions, talk when you need to, or just lend a shoulder to cry on.

I don't have any knowledge of small cell lung cancer., mine is non-small cell. Im sure someone here can help you out. I just wanted to say welcome!


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Hi Charlotte.  I'm glad you found this site; it has been the best support for me since my diagnosis last year.  If you don't mind sharing, what chemo are you currently taking? Among the members of this forum, I'm sure some of us have taken the same therapy and might be able to give you some help dealing with side effects. Like Michelle, my cancer is also non-small cell, but we have a dedicated forum for small cell patients.

Has your team indicated how long you'll take chemo, or what next steps would be?  

We're here for you so please let us know how we can support you.

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Hi, Charlotte,

Welcome to LCSC. This is a great community to connect with other lung cancer patients and survivors as well as caregivers and advocates. Everyone on this site has been affected by lung cancer in some way, and this is a good place to ask questions and share stories. I'm glad you've already connected with Michelle and Susan. If you can share a bit more information about your diagnosis and treatment plan, we can connect you with resources and other members who can help.

We are here for you!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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Thank you for welcoming me into the group. I think I posted in another topic more about my cancer but this site is new to me so here goes. I am taking Decadron IV, Carboplatin, US etopophos, toposar  vp-16 and aloxi 3 times a week at 3 week intervals. Actually the 1st day I take 2, the 2nd and 3rd day I take 1 (plus my pre-meds for allergic reactions and nauseousness)  and 1 is a shot I get once a month. I got the constipation and nauseousness under control and I know that for 2 days after my nulasta injection I will hurt but it's the low BP and rapid heart rate that is concerning me. I have gotten very lightheaded and had to go to the ER where they gave me fluids. I was directed this problem to my pcp who just took me off all my bp meds but now I that I know it is coming from the chemo drugs I will have to take it up with her. I have another round of chemo in 3 weeks before my appointment with my oncologist who will be sending me for another scan to see where we are and what the rest of my treatment will consist of. Much of what she said in the beginning fell on my deaf ears.....I didn't want to hear cancer again.....I have panic/anxiety disorder and this whole thing plus the added worry of the bp and heart rate has me even more on edge.Again thank you for the warm welcome.

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We completely understand your panic attack.  Most everyone here had a surprise lung cancer diagnosis and it is very unnerving.

OK! So you have a treatment plan and with some adjustments (there are always adjustments) your treatment is proceeding according to plan.  One question though, has your oncologist considered radiation?

We also understand the deaf ears.  In my early office consultations during the typing and staging trail, my wife did all the Q & A with the doctor.  I was too afraid to question and recall watching the second hand movement in the consultation room clock and wondering how many cancer cells multiplied each second.  But I shook off the diagnosis shock and started to research and learn about my disease.  Here is a good resource for you to start with.  Knowledge is power and you need to acquire enough knowledge to ask the TPQs - terribly preceptive questions.  

Chemotherapy works.  My evidence?  I'm here more than 13 years after diagnosis.  There are folks on this site who have survived longer.  I also firmly believe one's attitude does have an effect on treatment and outcomes. I'm glad you haven't mentioned survival statistics but like most, you've probably Googled.  Well since attitude counts so much (again, my belief) here is a piece I wrote a while back on survival statistics.  Do listen to the linked essay of Stephen J. Gould in the blog.

You've chosen treatment and while lung cancer treatment can be a tough row to hoe, most of us receive extended life.  I made a vast mistake during my treatment.  I had four periods of "no evidence of disease" or NED and I fretted and worried myself nearly to death instead of enjoying the extra life NED brought me. In light of my mistake and hoping you don't repeat it, I suggest reading this. You might even watch the movie and discover the connection between Shawshank Redemption and lung cancer for yourself.

You'll have questions I'm sure and this would be a good place to ask.

Stay the course.



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