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Some More Good News

Guest DaveG

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In the words of my oncologist, there is no growth of any of the tumors still present, and several tumors have disappeared. In all she did not see anything showing any signs of being active cancer. I go back on Mar 16 for a CT Scan and consultation with the oncologist. She is expecting to find the same thing.

Does anyone live in or near St. Augustine, Florida? My wife and I will there for a week from March 1 to March 6. I would be inyerested in meeting with anyone in that area.

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Hi Dave , Can't beleive you are going there, my parents live there, and in fact my Dad also has lung cancer he is the one that brought me to the board when my husband was also diagnosed. He is having a bit of a hard time right now also from neuropathy, he had surgary at MD Anderson in Texas. I am sure my parents would love to have you stop by. They live right in the center of Town., near the coastguard.


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Guest Piermarie

That is so wierd that you are going there. My mom has been in Florida (Miami and then to Sarasota) since Jan.2nd. She just phoned me the other night and said that she and a friend were on their way to Sarasota but decided to take a side route and go scenic. They ended up in St.Augustine and are in love with the town!!!! They have decided to postpone heading to Sarasota for now and spend the week there instead.

She won't be there in March though, she's heading back up to the north the first week of that month. But, I'm sure you'll have a great time and Congrats on the news from your doc!!!!!

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That's Great news. You will love St. Augustine. It is a beautiful city with lots of old buildings. An interesting musem is the Flagler musem. You will be going at a perfect time, before it gets to hot. Hope you have a blast. Wish I were closer.

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